Missional Theology to an Extent?

Considering missional movements, I believe some churches are only reaching out in a isolated way. Missional theology is all about reaching out to others outside the church. It’s about loving people where they are at instead of where we want them to be…it’s all about the inclusion of sinners instead of the exclusion of them. This type of evangelism takes place every day in wherever we might find ourselves. For the most part this is done outside the church, meeting them where they are at, in their surroundings, on their grounds, instead of ours. It truly is a beautiful representation of the love of Christ reaching out. But I know in my own life, this reaching out still has limitations, it is still localized and limited to a lot of factors.
One of these and I believe a large one is Racial boundaries. For those of us, like myself sold out on missional theology, I believe we do not go far enough. We might reach out to sinners, we might accept them where they are at, and for who they are, but I bet it does not cross the lines of race. God has set a standard of unity involved in race and we should follow through. There is no Jew nor Greek, no slave nor master, no woman or man, but we are all united under Christ. This united freedom needs to be expressed in our missional theology. I know for our church we do not find a muti-cultural body present, but one that is of the same race. But why? Well I would venture to guess because it’s easier to be missional to those of the same race, but if that’s the case we are really not being missional at all are we? It’s a very impoverished ideology to follow a missional theology and leave out those who racially are not like us. That basically makes the whole missional movement void, because again it sets up a exclusive environment instead of an inclusive one. I am not saying that the churches I know to be missional are racist’s, but I do believe they are only reaching out so far in their praxis along the lines of similar race. So I write, to keep myself afresh, and also to spur others to consider how missional are we really being?


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