True Conversation

When you share in a conversation with someone do you listen? Do you truly? Or are you thinking of how you are going to respond before they even finish a sentence? In my own observations and in much of my reading I find that the truly intelligent people are those who do not have to say a whole lot. They are those who listen, who truly show consideration for another by allowing them to speak and truly once again actually listen. And then when they actually do speak they engage with what is actually being said, and not their own agenda for the conversation. They are typically people who realize they don’t have it all together, that there is actually knowledge still to be learned, and also a point of view you might not have considered. These people are also often the ones who encourage criticism, who encourage others to dialogue with them in their differences, and who are not debating usually, but sharing in a dialectic. They are in no way, shape, or form fastidious. Moving on…

Now in light of that being said, how is it that you engage with non-believers, do you actually listen to them, or are you simply trying to devise a thought that will lead them to a degree closer to Christ? Do you actually listen, because if you don’t listen you don’t truly care. Too many Christians are more passionate about things they are against than the things they actually live for. In other words, we are pejorative towards sinners, instead of loving and accepting of them. Some how we mixed up our theology in thinking that we can separate the sin and the sinner, but they are one and the same. Who does the sin other than the sinner, and what are we to do with sinners? Love one’s neighbor as themselves. An especially difficult task for those who are primarily offended by those other than themselves. If we won’t entertain disagreement how can a conversation even occur? Are you so feeble in your faith that you cannot have a dialogue with someone else with a different worldview? I am not suggesting your theism is wrong, but I am suggesting that this so called God you believe in is nothing more than an image of God, and for some this might not be that far from a paganism ideology. In other words and this relates to a previous blog, God cannot be studied as an object, he is beyond our comprehension…so seemingly in relation to this the simple truth is, You Don’t Have it All Together! And You Don’t Know it All! Don’t be afraid to engage in a True conversation with someone that actually portrays that you care about them, and admittedly stating you don’t get all this God-talk too! You might be surprised, this might actually lead someone closer to Christ!


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