What is a Christian?

What is a Christian? What do you believe it is? What have you been told that it is? What have you perceived that it might be? In our world of postmodernism and pluralism of religious ideologies, I wonder how far off we have come?

I believe many Christians out there have a false reality of what following Christ actually might be. As if it is reading a certain Bible, worshipping a certain way, attending a certain church, listening to a certain type of preaching and so on. These things that I just listed are in fact what many of us hold to that defines our Christianity, but they are more of a perversion of what a Christian needs to be worried about than a value. They are in fact cultural consumeristic ideas that people hold to, versus actual real life concerns of what following Christ actually means. It is these false ideologies that cause Christians to quarrel against one another, instead of actually bringing forth the gospel. But these false perceptions that we hold to, where do they come from?

Is Jesus really a Republican, an American; and is he so concerned with your success in this world that your finances are his number one priority? Does he really want us to protest military funerals, tell gays they are going to hell, and promote blowing up our Muslim neighbors? Which Jesus do you hold to? If we were surreal for a moment, ” what you worship as the holy is actually the anti-holy. You are exactly backwards. The God you fearfully try to love is actually no god at all, a false god…you’re worshipping a perversion” ( Dark pg 89-The Sacredness of Questioning Everything).

I have been on a long road since 21, it was a moment of awakening, a moment of destruction of who I thought Jesus was and is and how my religion went along with it. I was all about worshipping a perversion of God, a self-conceived image that I flaunted wherever I went, being a kow-it-all. But God redeemed me, like Saul’s (Paul) conversion, thinking he was doing the will of God. I believe Donald Miller at that time helped me the most, and his book Blue Like Jazz, brought forth something that I have never seen, as if my eyes were glazed with a Baptist Republican Jesus of America. But I soon discovered the truth, that Christ was not about politics, he was not about traditionalism, and gave allegiance to God not to country. I am not suggesting that these values are necessarily evil, but when you associate them with Christ stating that is who he is, you create a perversion of who he actually is.

If you would take a moment and evaluate your life and your ideals, I would venture to guess that the Christ you actually perceive and worship, might actually be a anti-Christ, a self conceived idea that may not coincide with what Christ is really about. I know that is what I have found, and I continue to shed layers off day by day of what I have created him to be.


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