Questions and that is all

The following is just some thoughts, nothing profound, but some questions I was asking myself and am sharing with you…

Does Christianity define itself to be a religion with certain practices or is it beyond this and more like a way of life? I would suggest it is both, there are consequent beliefs that we all have to follow with Christianity; like the Nicene Creed or Apostle’s Creed, but there are also subsequent beliefs; these follow the major beliefs and is where you find the split amongst the Christian faith and the denominations that follow. In light of this is there a true faith, a faith that is shattering from the one that we hear preached and watch lived out? And if so, does this mark the true remnant, a term often found in Old Testament theology? The remnant were true faithful followers of Yahweh, and were seen in different light than the whole of Israel. And if this is the case, what does this say for the rest of the Christian world?

Questions and more questions…the beginning of what I call a beautiful relationship with your Creator. Is the Bible so clear cut, so clear, that their is only one way, or are there multiple ways to live out your faith. I am not suggesting multiple ways to God and salvation, no, I wholeheartedly believe in Joh14.6; but I am talking about a body expressing itself in multiple facets, living out each individuals call to fulfill their purpose in this meta-narrative that is taking place. For there is one body and many parts, but all are necessary to function as a whole. Does this mean, we can express our faith in any way we see fit? Of course not, there are plenty of Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, but their hearts are from him. However, there are some things that we can know, often called positivism, but there are also other things that are beyond this tangible idea. For God has not stopped breathing, he still speaks life and still sustains it. I am not proposing that there are other scriptures where truth can be found as some special gnosis, but I am suggesting that God exists beyond just his living word, or as some say sola scriptura. He is everywhere and beyond a book. This does not denote the importance of studying scripture, but in fact allows those in third world countries, the ability to call upon him. It was not a common thing through most of history for most not to have a Bible or at least one in their language, and coalescing with this is scriptures own declare-that God’s invisible attributes have been revealed to all, so that no one has excuse. I continue to find myself fed up with the clear cut answers and Christianity as I have been told it is to be…I continue to search for truth, the truth of God, not of mankind. And with this statement I too realize my inadequacies and continue to evaluate my own thoughts and theology with hope that I am refined into a disciple of Christ who rightly handles the word of truth.

Some other questions…

Why do so many hold to a neo-orthodox type of faith, that does not question some things that seem so hard to comprehend? Is salvation truly found in a prayer? What is the harm in studying the Jesus of History and the Christ of faith—the history illuminates the faith, though there are those who try to destroy it such a the Jesus Seminar or others like Crossan and lots of others. Do we really understand Hell or Heaven, or eternity, and the so called questioning of such prominent beliefs? Can eternity have time or is its understanding completely different, are our translations of such words sufficient? I find myself so upset when I see people practicing improper exegesis or what is known as eisogesis. And in doing so they impart such anachronisms on scripture. Why do people claim to know anything for that matter of scripture, can we really obtain a sufficient image of God, or like Isaiah proclaims is he beyond comprehension? Why do we attack music-as Marva Dawn would say, if it is worshiping God than that is the important aspect(though she herself would be against much contemporary music)? Why do we believe that God does not use us, that are testimonies do not affect others and their path to Jesus? It is so strange to me those who are so sold on predestination, that we have no part in ones conversion, but adversely they believe that one who acts sinfully claiming to be a Christian affects non-believers into finding Christ? I am bubbling up inside with so much to ask…

All in all this is rambling, these are just thoughts and questions that are formulating in my head, many of the questions I propose do not have answers, but they also show that being naive accepting everything that we know is truly not why the Creator created us with an intellect. He challenges us to grow and in doing so, this means evaluating and reevaluating truth and questioning why are we here? And why are you here? What is your purpose? Are you just another Christian, or has this God called you to something more than another individual, and the Great Dream Giver has given you a call-you and only you…for we are created uniquely with divine qualities and he knew us while we were formed in the womb. So, I leave you with a word of encouragement, question truth so that you may find it, the paradox is worth the fight.


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