Called to be Missionaries

“All the church is to be made up of tellers. Not everyone is to be a missionary, not everyone a minister, but there is no Christian that’s really become a Christian who doesn’t have laid upon him the admonition of Paul to be a debtor. Everyone is bound to be a teller in his own place, in his own calling, according to the individual vocation which God has given him.” ~Francis Schaeffer

The art of seclusion in our Christianity, the masked Christians in the world pretending to be something their not, only to unmask themselves when they are around other believers pretending they are living for Christ. So often you hear them talk about love, but love only exists in their bubbles; as if they get a golden star for loving their own kind. Even those who are evil care for one another, but their (our) call is beyond a esoteric community, they have been called to be the Eucharist for the world. To be the broken, and the bleeding for those who are without hope and peace. They are to be the Shalom, the tangible Christ, in a world of atheists. To be a people that are known ultimately for their love of others, and love is not tolerance, it goes beyond such mediocrity and embraces those in need. No preaching is needed, no judging, no civilizing, just pure love to them just the way they are…

And in doing so our (their) masks are removed, from hiding our salt and light by being locked up in our tightly woven communities of faith…and the truth shall set you free, free from the pressure of acting, free from the pressure of other Christians destroying you for falling…as DC talk would say,”so what if I stumble,” the more real we are, the easier they will see that God will accept them just as they are. Not to say that our lives and our walk with God do not improve, but to say that God loves those who are real.

Communion, the sharing of the Eucharist, is truly an invitation that the kingdom of God is for the broken, that God is sharing a meal with all that don’t deserve it. A story familiar in my heart and in scripture….Matthew 22, the marriage feast, where the ruler’s guest did not show, so he sent his servants to go and invite everyone good and bad to join in the feast…that is our calling…to find those who are broken, hurting, and lost, and share a meal together with them. To love them without judging, without civilizing, but just as they are…everyone of us has that calling-to accept the unacceptable, for we are the same, accepted by God though in an unacceptable condition. Only by the grace of God’s sending of Jesus, and Christ’s willingness to lay down his life for us have we been accepted, now go do the same.


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