The church, and churches- a separate entity.

In our world of autonomous people, esoteric communities and secret societies, we find division. Everywhere you look, you see people trying to find a place to fit, a puzzle that only fits pieces like their own; like minded with solidarity pursuing life together excluding those who are different. In this world we live in of labels and exclusion we find the church, not one that is fused together, but one that is separated by doctrine, worship style, dress code, and any other consumer driven, narcissistic man made idea. The question then is not how this came to be, but why it still remains? When scripture is clear to love one another, where there is no Greek, Scythian, or Jew, no slave nor no master, no man nor woman, but Christ is all and in all. Albeit, the church has been urged to be egalitarian, showing love equally to all people, yet somehow we fail to love our own brothers and sisters all around the globe due to our differing beliefs and ideologies and praxis of our Ecclesiology. As Paul urges us as dearly loved and beloved people of God, to let the love of Christ richly dwell within you, and though there are many parts of the body we are all part of the whole. So therefore let us throw off everything that hinders and fulfill the mission, not just to our unsaved neighbors, but to our other fellow Christians, demonstrating our commonality and purpose for Christ, loving one another, just as Christ loved us. And to present the world not a body divided, but united where all are welcome. In doing so, the world will see the love of Christ, based not upon our mere words, but by our outpouring of love and actions of hospitality to the ecumenical church and the world around us.


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