Sin, The Curse, And The Restoration

Something to ponder… At Creation, we are given dominion over animals (dominion must be defined, but that is not where I am headed), and dominion over the earth. We are not given dominion over each other, or over God. Sin then enters the world, how? Well, an animal has dominion over a woman, then a woman has dominion over a man, and both man and woman try to have dominion over God saying what he says is not best. None of these things of course were acting in ways God saw fit, according to our original commission.

So what happens…well, mans dominion over the earth will not be so easy now, the original command to go out and multiply will be greatly increased with pain, and the woman’s desire will be for her husband. As for the snake it is given dominion over no one and will eat dust all its life (the ramifications of this are not completely understood-since the serpent is not at the bottom of the food chain, however the implications suggest the curse is more against the devil), and it will try to hurt the woman (bruise its heal), the women though will fatally kill the snake (bruise its head)….

So then from there Adam names woman Eve, the naming of animals was a way of showing dominion, which contextually it would seem man and woman did this together. And Adam was named by God, but not woman (Eve), she was named by Adam. Part of the curse I would suggest, so moving forward…

God has ultimately been trying to redeem his Creation starting with Genesis 12 and the call of Abraham, ultimately fulfilled in Jesus death and resurrection, looking forward to the parousia (second coming) where complete restoration is fulfilled. So…Jesus redeems mankind, being the new Creation, paying for the sins of mankind, on a cross (tree of knowledge of good and evil), as the tree of life. When he dies and we take of his fruit and eat (accept him) , we are giving eternal life once again, just as eating of the tree of life gave in the beginning. We then are commanded to give this fruit to others (just like Eve gave to Adam), but this fruit gives life, instead of death.

So In Jesus mankind is restored, sin is atoned for, but what about the curse?One consequence of the curse is death, but what about the others? If Eve is going to long for her husband, does this begin to fade away too? Will his dominion (still needs to be defined), be erased too due to the cross? I would like to say it is…In all of the gospels who do we find seeing this resurrected jesus first? The Mary’s and it seems maybe some other women were there too…they flee in fear, but give their testimony to the disciples. Women as many of you know did not have much of a position in the Roman and Jewish world in that day. And their testimony was not something that anyone would listen to. Albeit, Jesus appears to them first, almost as if he is restoring them to the equal state in humanity, for sins consequence has been paid for.

Now I know that Paul has his thoughts and statements about women in the church, but I believe those women were specific new believers, who did not know what they were talking about, who were blurting out all types of things. As was said talk to your husband in private, he will guide you…but once guidance was done, I don’t believe they were to have no place in church, they just needed to come to a place of maturity. Many Jewish men would have known more of the scriptures, more schooling I would suggest, and the women were to be brought up to speed (not derogatory).

Returning now to what I was saying, Jesus is redeeming Creation, in fact the earth scripture says yearns for his return…if sins penalty has been paid for, are the consequences paid for too? Well death is, why not mans dominion? Of course what about mans toil? To which I would say, do everything as if you were doing it for the Lord, and you find joy…but what about childbirth (mankind has discovered ways to make it less painful, but overall this has not been done away with)? Does this leave a broken chain in my thoughts? I am not so sure, for sin’s main consequence has been paid for, that is death, which in fact was part of the curse.

Some thoughts initially in this area, find the truth for yourself, but listen to God’s word, not mans.


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