Adam, Eve, consequence?

What exactly was the consequence of Adam and Eve’s disobedience and the emergence of sin through one small mistake? The warning was this: of any tree you can eat, but not of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for if you eat of that you will surely die. Genesis 2:16-17 paraphrase. So they eat, and then Adam lives to be 900+ years old before he dies. And Eve a good at least 300 years, maybe more diificult to assess. So what happened? Spiritual death? I do not believe that is the answer either, further observance…

Genesis 3:22-23, God says now man has become like one of us knowing good and evil, and lest he take from the tree of life and live forever, we must remove him from the garden. (paraphrase). So they are removed from the garden and the tree is protected so they cannot attain eternal life. So did they die spiritual death, in the sense that they became mortal? I do not believe this answers the question either…it seems that if they ate of the tree they would have lived forever, but they did not, and therefore never became immortal. Will they one day be in the new Jerusalem? Did their faith restore them sometime later? Many questions but the one still remains, what happened, did they die? What exactly is this death, did God lie?

A little deeper and we find a clue. Adam and Eve never before knew they were naked, at least in the way we know we are naked. They had no shame in their openness and unclothed bodies, that is, until sin. What brought about the change? Well sin, generally speaking, but as we pry deeper we see something else happens. They know good from bad, there eyes are opened to a sight and vision they never knew. In fact scripture says they now are like God, that is in his knowledge of good and evil.

Children are interesting are they not? They seem fearless, they do not know that they are not supposed to run across the road without looking. They do not know that a stove is hot, and they clearly do not mind running around naked for all to see. There is no shame, there is no guilt and really no real ideal of right and wrong. They have not yet attained a lot of these things grown-ups have. In some ways this is beautiful. They are not aware of the dangers of the world, or are they aware of self-image yet. They simply live a somewhat care free life, well as long they have enough sleep, get fed, have a home, and get their way:). Overall though they are free from a lot of the stress and anxiety we the “grown-ups” have.

Jesus says unless you become like one of these you will not inherit the kingdom of God. The one of these is children, is Jesus calling us back to the beginning, or Genesis as our Bible’s translate it? Could this be what died all the way back in Genesis 3? The child within us, or what I like to call our innocence. There is no debate something changed after sin entered into the world through mankind. But physical and spiritual death, do not seem quite the right fit…but something died as vague as that might be. I don’t know that I have the answer, but I truly believe that their innocence did die. From there until now we have a world full or worry, fear, and pain. Matthew 6:33″ seek he first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be add unto you.”. .we find this after after numerous verses saying don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, and then it concludes with 6:33.

Innocence has disappeared, binding us to a world with fear, and anxiety, and not allowing us to live a life to the full, a life of joy, even in the smallest of things, like a child.

Restore unto me the heart of a child,
A heart that knows no bounds,
A heart that sees no obstacles,
A heart that is free of worry.

Free me from the cage of being grown-up,
From low self-esteem, the killer of my cosmetic make-up,
From fear, the anchor of a life dreamed,
And from stress, the restraints binding me from joy.

Restore peace,
Restore tranquility,
Restore simplicity,
Restore courage.


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One Response to Adam, Eve, consequence?

  1. Michael says:

    Love this stuff! Thanks! Adding a point. I believe that 3 profound things happened on the day Adam disobeyed and ate of the fruit. 1.Sin entered the world and broke man’s fellowship with God. 2. Satan usurped man’s God given authority over this world and everything in it. God gave the earth to man. By sin, man conceded that authority to Satan and on that day the adversary became the “god of this world”. #3 Death was unleashed. Everything observed a “clock” (children have no concept of time either!) and that “clock” began to ticking down. God’s plan of redemption was put in motion but also the Satanic conspiracy against mankind was born.

    As a result of #2 and #3 “the destroyer” was unleashed. Death touched everything immediately though death is seldom instant and when it is don’t we call it mercy? Disease and degradation ripped through the beautiful garden infesting everything in it’s path. Adam’s perfect DNA (immortal to this point) degraded. His mind fresh with the fingerprints of God still on it began to deteriorate. A deterioration we see today in the sickness of the human condition. I believe he was last human to ever have use of 100% of his brain instead of the 10% we are teased with today. Understanding became darkened and through the yrs. humanity has degraded into what you see today. Corruption was born and the consequences were immediate.

    Imagine if you will Adam’s terror as his lion that he had named and known rose up and slaughtered his lamb. Ripping it to pieces and revealing what up to then was a mystery (what lies beneath skin was NEVER viewed by Adam in these circumstances). Imagine Adam and Eve feeling pain for the first time? Maybe it was the pain of falling and seeing their own blood as they struggled to intervene on behalf of the dying friends? Can you see him stumbling, crying and running towards the mutilated carcass of his lambs as his “friend” ripped flesh from bone? The creation (which previously worked with it’s man master now rebelled). Adam probably tried to tend his flocks only to find them slaughtered by his “friends” (the great beasts) and his flocks now ran from him and wouldn’t commune as they had a day earlier, the very one that could give them sanctuary!?. This is a grander scale than we can imagine only because (as a result of the fall) the myriad of creatures Adam knew were greater than today (it would include everything extinct which is MILLIONS of species plus dinosaurs). He saw his plants start to wither, the sun was hot and burned his skin and on and on and on. That is what I believe happened that dark day. That day Satan took our birthright, our bodies. That began the degradation of this place from God’s temple (some would say) to the forsaken toilet we see today barely resembling that precious place. Good stuff bro, keep it up and sorry if I rambled!

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