Tolerance or Intolerance?

Tolerance or intolerance, that is the question? Whether we show love for our neighbor, and more commonly our enemy.


Do you believe this? We are all human, we are all sinners, and we all need a Savior. And his name is Jesus.

Christianity, a religion, that says they are the only source of truth for who the real God is. Though, I un-doubtfully agree with that, the phrase itself seems so arrogant, and puffed up with pride. We (Christians), believe we have the source of the hidden truth of the world, and due to our knowledge, we become a very esoteric community, pointing fingers at others and without vocalizing, suggest how far they (others) are from the truth (wide is their gate to destruction). Our sacred truth, becomes our angelic halos, and we in turn hover over others, allowing them to indiscreetly know, we are right and they are wrong.

Does this ring true for the Christianity you know others possess, and also yourself? If we are brutally honest with ourselves I believe this is the case. Returning to what was said at the beginning; tolerance or intolerance, that is the question? Christianity has for centuries killed in the name of Jesus, persecuted unbelievers, and in recent years, become tainted with slang and slogan toward other religions around us.

We point at Islam, due to this:


However, so many Christians in our hearts and some publicly due this:


Does our solid foundation of truth give us power to hold others in contempt, even if it is just in our hearts? Do we tolerate other faiths or have intolerance toward them? Did Jesus seek and save the lost, so the lost who now are saved, could ridicule others in empty religions? Does this fit the role of God? Or is the kingdom of God, something that invites other faiths to join in, not for some pluralistic syncretism, but for the sake of showing love for thy neighbor and even your enemy? Did Jesus promote his Kingdom by allowing other faiths know how wrong they were, or did he show compassion to a world that was not following the “gospel truth,” and remarkably, astonishingly, exhilaratingly, love for all mankind? Are we able to tolerate other people of other faiths, not just in action, but also in our hearts, and see the good that their faith can have? Ultimately, accepting them and their beliefs, not overshadowing them with yours, and allowing the greatness of the true God and his luminosity to shine on His own, by simply living out the second great commandment, and loving others as yourself.


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2 Responses to Tolerance or Intolerance?

  1. Michael Snow says:

    “Christianity has for centuries killed in the name of Jesus, persecuted unbelievers,…” And even killed fellow believers, e.g. Puritans hanging Quakers, etc.

    It is sad to say that most American Evangelicals have no clue that that was not the way of Christians in the beginning, e.g. Clement of Alexandria– “The Church is an army of peace which sheds no blood.” (Protrepticus XI, 116), etc.

    Faithful Christians like Moody and Spurgeon knew this and modeled it.

    • thechad3 says:

      Michael, thanks for your Response. That should be added, it is so true. I even think of the Anabaptists. Our intolerance for each other as the ecumenical church also is a great concern, and honestly should be priority one. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. If we can not have unity with each other, than how can we have solidarity in mission toward the rest of the world.

      Thanks for the insight and links.

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