I wrote this a while ago and never posted, but today as I am recovering and Kelcey from a very difficult week, this was brought back to my mind. That though sickness, death, and pain are all around, there is still hope.


We are shattered images of our previous life,
We were once broken, and full of hatred, violence and unimaginable sins.

This broken humanity that we represent still displays itself through our metamorphosing lives. Though what we once were has been renewed, the image that we carry still has an infinite scar left on our portrayal to the world.

We still appear human, but the utter desolate truth of mans sin nature, has not been eradicated from our being, pieces of it still remain, but we have been renewed. The very capable, intrinsic ability to destroy and dishonor God, now has been transformed into a beauty that builds up and honors the creator .

Just as the tree in Mozambique represents . It shows part of the past, a disillusioned being, full of horror and incomprehensible actions. The AK47’s used to create this piece of work, illuminate the pain and toil caused by such weapons . The wickedness and death that followed with them are sheer images embedded into our brains. But now, though these images still remain, the symbols of pain and power have been renewed to show life, and were forged together to create beauty; the tree of life.

As Christians we know the tree of life ultimately refers to Christ, who dwelling in us, can and will fully transform us into a new creation. We still have remnants of our former self, markers that represent humanity and our past. But these very symbols of our past life have been changed into a beautiful piece of art. So that all who gaze upon us, just as all gaze upon this tree, realize, that there is still hope.

And as Christians we wear the scars of our former selves proudly (not due to our sins, but due to the hope for mankind ), allowing the world to see that no one is out of reach. Therefore shine your light before men so they can see the fathers glory. One not marked solely by who you are now, but by your past and coalesced with the markings of God in the present. We are to be his image bearers to the world, displaying for the world to see, that though the world is broken, it is not lost.



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