The Tragedy Unfold

Nearly a year ago the pain set in,

Uncertainty and Despair became my friends,

The highs and lows and the heart beats uncontrolled,

The sweat, the panic attacks, became my mold

Friends were there to offer there sympathy,

While the pain grew and played a grand symphony,

Darkness was my friend, for there was nothing else,

Led blindly down a road, and I continued to melt

My life had changed in a blink of an eye,

What was, and had been, I could not catch even if I tried,

My appearance aesthetically changed,

Formed by tears and sorrows that remained

As much as I tried to hide the pain,

The deep wound continued to shed its stain,

I then knew I would never be the same,

The world, my God, my life, was filled with shame

As I walked a road of loneliness,

I thought this is completely hopeless,

It was then I decided to make a change,

That would free me from a road of being deranged

A choice to live in spite of my hurt,

To choose life and today, and not to divert,

To deal with the pain head on and embrace,

To live for today for that’s all I could face

Time went on and wounds healed,

Scars became reminders, of what once was and now concealed,

Though the painful memories continue to fade,

They share a story of brokenness of a different shade

The time now comes to a close,

A chapter behind me full of woes,

Though all is not as I wanted it to be,

A grace and mercy led me to see

And through the fire I have survived,

Refined, scarred and burned, I am alive,

Now, my story is all that remains,

Of what once was, join in now on my refrain.0b1481795617c9d3ed77a8b2f3a2034c


About thechad3

A dude following God
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