The Kingdom of God

One step away, it is just one step away…What you might ask?  Well, the kingdom of God. This cannot be, how can something so big, so far away into the future be one step away?

In recent months, I have seen something change in me…I think it’s what many would call rebirth.  I have tasted something, and experienced a new place and a new wonder- The kingdom of God…

Majority of my life, I was taught that the kingdom of God, or kingdom of Heaven was in the far, far, future.  And though there is profound truth in this statement, this is not all there is to this kingdom.

Jesus said, the kingdom of God is at hand…Of course he was speaking of himself…but something magical took place, the kingdom of heaven truly met earth.  Yes, well, that I sort of knew…but there is more…like heaven really connected with earth.

If you are a sci-fi person, it is like two galaxies being joined together by a portal.  This interconnectedness was always the way it was suppose to be, but a thing called sin and death separated it.  But death who could not hold Jesus, has been dealt with, and the KINGDOM of OUR GOD is HERE!

Like really here…we are in a strange place…but the kingdom of our God resides in us, if we have faith in him.  That means, that crazy power is within us, and the power to redeem, to set captives free, and to genuinely love others exists and is intrinsic to us.

The kingdom of God is just one step away, if we just open up are ears, just one step away, if we just open up our eyes.  Its magical, mystical, amazing.  And the kingdom is beautiful…Its found in the simplest of gifts to one another, the simplest of smiles to a stranger.  It’s spread every time you look past yourself  and reach out to another.  Matthew 10.42, “And if anyone even gives a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

The kingdom of God is so small, like a mustard seed, as Jesus says.  But when it grows it is the tallest in the garden…the kingdom of God is at hand, it has been at hand, and its beautiful.  Taste and see…Matthew writes and says that Jesus says they will know you by your love for one another.  That is it.  Rather simple.  Love for one another; this love, this care, this joy, expressed in the simplest of ways… spreads.  One small spark, sets a whole forest on fire…the tongue is powerful as James would say, but it also can spread the kingdom.

True religion is taking care of widows and orphans James would add…simplicity…restoring lives a smile at a time.  Sharing life together, loving one another with open arms.  This is the kingdom of God, it is not contained in any church building or service, it is not private…it is an open invitation to all.  This is what is communion is all about, the body being broken, the blood being shed, not just for his followers, but for all…

The kingdom of God is one step away, it’s in our midst, it is in you if you believe.  You have more power than you could have ever imagined.  The simplest of smiles to a stranger, the passing of a dollar to a beggar, the cold cup of water to another is kingdom living.  It’s not about asceticism, its about love in action.  It is not about memory verses, it is about showing the world that Jesus really does love them.  It is not contained to a day of the week, it is a lifestyle that embraces one another, from whatever place, race, or background you have.  The kingdom of God is unstoppable, because it is built on selflessness, instead of selfishness.

It is one step away.kingdom


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