Arrangement of the day once again unfolds,
The routine, the repetitive pattern of the mold
Filled with unconscious that was not designed
The formulation that does not even effect the mind

Yet is this the way life is to be,
Mindless direction with no sense of me
Constant work to pay for this life,
Filled with hours upon hours of strife

What if more existed beyond this unbearable peril,
What if life’s consciousness was outside of this virile
We build the years with hopes of more,
Gathering, gaining, to be something we adore

But what if that which we want is already possessed
The constant longing and pursuit only keeps us from this rest
For it is deeply embedded into our being,
Filled with life, joy and happiness that is freeing

But to unlock such aspiration
We have to experience turmoil in our situation
That the world with its neatly dressed securities
Needs to be broken to free us from our impurities

For our mortality is ticking away day by day
With the chance for change slipping away
And the way of life eats at our core,
Always stating I could be so much more

Yet the freedom is there knocking at your heart
But we avoid because it means we need to break apart
The wonders that God’s world has created
Truly can be touched and elated

So try to think without using your mind
Where the hearts expresses the find
Saying there is life beyond the chains
If you would release you would find your fame


About thechad3

A dude following God
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