Out of the Ashes


The leviathan did it’s best to hold me
To keep me in the flames
But true light shined through
And brought me out of the shame

Eyes to see and ears to hear
A world full of life and adventure
I have become strong from the pain
Everything has become part of the cure

God’s hand works in mysterious ways
Molding the ash of all that remains
A new life is built with a heart to feel
Beauty arises free from any stains

Ashes begin to form creating identity
Shaping, molding, with new foundation
Stronger than ever before it breathes
A new world eperienced in salvation –

As the new being takes it first steps
Tears fall from the eyes that illuminate
Nature calls out, beauty is all around
Smiling and laughter become it’s state

The spirit begins to take flight
As it arises and steps begin to run
Jumping, skipping, and twirls
The joy overflows reflecting the Son

All takes it place seated as it was
As if the child within remembers
Life was lost, but in losing it is found
The mind was broken and now only embers

Love for others stretches free
Heart felt pounding for every being
Looking deep into others eyes
Tears form again as if it is seeing

The lost tragedy that we all find
That their is life beyond our minds
That if we would just die
We could break from the lines

Now genuine it reflects love
The tarnished being, shines bright
Deeply penetrating others hearts
Love runs deep, it joins in the fight

Helping and making the way home
Another journey begins to start
And the cycle once again voices quietly
Push through, fire will mend the heart


About thechad3

A dude following God
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